Public Hearing

   Please take notice that the Buchanan County PSA Board will hold a public hearing at 6:00 pm on the 18th of September 2017, in the Auditorium of the Grundy High School on Golden Wave Drive in Grundy, Virginia.  The purpose of this hearing will be to entertain and receive public comment on the proposed resolution making the findings pursuant to Virginia Code sections, 15.2-5121 to authorize the Buchanan County PSA to collect the garbage collection fee pursuant to the recent ordinance adopted by the Board of Supervisors which authorizes the PSA to collect a monthly solid waste disposal fee (residential gargabe pick-up by the County Department of Sanitation) on behalf of the County.

Any interested person is invited to appear and make public comment concerning such proposed Resolution.  The proposed Resolution will be available upon request at the Buchanan County PSA office in Deel, Virginia.